Guest Policies

Guests who reside within a fifty (50) mile radius of the Club on a permanent or temporary basis and who are otherwise eligible for membership may not be brought to the Club more than six (6) times per fiscal year. THE HOST MEMBER MUST BE PRESENT WITH THE GUEST AND IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL CHARGES.

Parents and Adult Children of Members
Parents and adult children (age 25 or older) of members and their spouses may use the Club in the absence of the member, provided that:

  • They do not reside within a fifty (50) mile radius of the Club
  • The member gives permission, in writing, for such use for a specified range of dates, not to exceed two (2) weeks and permission to bill any charges incurred by them to the member’s account.
  • They do not use the Club more than twice (2) in any calendar week.
  • They must give a twelve (12) hour notice by telephone of the intent to use the Club.
  • They may bring no more than two (2) guests. A parent or adult child not accompanied by a spouse may being one (1) guest. The normal rules for guests must be observed.
  • Adult children may bring their own minor children.
  • Adult children whose behavior is deemed inappropriate may be asked to leave by any Flag Officer, the Club Manager or the Business Manager, and may be banned from further use of the Club by any Flag Officer.

At all times, members have priority over adult children of members regarding the use of the Club.

House Guests of Members
House Guests are persons who are temporarily or permanently staying in a member’s residence while the member is also in residence. The member must register the house guests with the Club. House guests may be registered for no more than twice In Season (November 1 - May 15), with each registration not to exceed 14 consecutive days. In the Off Season (May 16-October 31), house guests may be registered for up to an additional 28 days. House guests of any member, when accompanied by the member, may attend any function of the Club. The member is responsible for all charges.

A member or group of members may request permission in writing for a special group to attend a special function at lunch time only. This request must be approved by a Flag Officer. The member or group of members shall guarantee responsibility for any unpaid charges.

Members of Other Yacht Clubs
Current members of yacht clubs belonging to the Florida Council of Yacht Clubs may use the Captiva Island Yacht Club throughout the year, except at special functions. They must make reservations ahead of time and show their current club card when requesting service. Charges will be billed through their yacht club.
Current members of yacht clubs beyond a fifty (50) mile radius of Captiva Island Yacht Club that are listed in "The Registry of American Yacht Clubs", but not members of the Florida Council of Yacht Clubs, may use the facilities of the Captiva Island Yacht Club not more than two (2) times a fiscal year. They must settle their accounts with a Visa or MasterCard credit card when the charge is made.
No personal checks will be accepted.